About Me

Race Gee here….

I’m just like everyone else and fighting the battle of trying to stay healthy and looking young. In my 20’s  I could eat whatever I wanted whenever I wanted it and not gain a pound. But now that I’m in my 40’s things aren’t quite as easy. After being an over the road truck driver for over 10 years and not much exercise in my lifestyle with poor eating habits I had gained over 50 pounds from what I was in my 20’s. I felt tired all the time and it didn’t take much to get me out of breath. I finally got a job where I’m home everyday and wanted to lose the weight that I had gained over the years. After working out  for almost a year with not much success, I started doing some research. First on what to eat cause what I thought was healthy really wasn’t. The app MyFitnessPal was the biggest help on finding out what and what not to eat. After watching numerous videos on YouTube on dieting and weight loss supplements, I stumbled on a HGH video and how the production of it declines as you get older, the symptoms like wrinkles, difficulty losing weight, fatigue, and so on. After taking the HGH supplements for a few weeks I started noticing a huge difference in the way I felt, looked and my performance at the gym. Even my joints stopped hurting. I started losing the weight but not like the videos was making out like I would. After doing more research I found that HGH makes you retain water. In order to get rid of the water you need to take in 4,700 to 6,000 mg of Potassium a day. I don’t get that much potassium a day, I try to add as much as I can to my diet. The eating right, working out on a regular basis,taking the HGH supplements, and adding as much potassium as I can to my diet. I look and feel great. For more info on how to get the results that your looking for check out……..HGH Energizer